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What’s in a name? Everything. So let a professional do the work. Request your quote for your name!

Company Names & Product Names

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  2. Extra information? Tell us.
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Project Type

I want a sounding name for:
(e.g. company, type of product, type of service, flavor, conference room)

with this description/these distinguishing features:

Target Audience

The new name must strike a chord with these people:


This style appeals to me:
(e.g. certain feeling, origin, readability, language)

I think this is a good existing name:
(... and why?)

But I do not like this name:
(... and why?)

The Deadline

My Details and Situation


The number of decision makers involved in the process:
(e.g. just me, committee of twenty, spouse and aunt)


I just wanted to add this:
(e.g. additional information, must-haves, more about you)

This is a useful file:

... because it gives the following extra information:

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