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Do it yourself with Asian audio clips? Pluk created a basic series for you, plucked directly from our awesome audio archive.

Sound Effects Archive

The five sound effect CDs with 225 sound effects can be purchased via Sound Ideas – the world’s largest publisher of professional sound effects.

These sound effects are on the discs

Backgrounds Exterior

City traffic, pedestrian, city skyline, city temple, countryside, floating bamboo hut, vegetable market, restaurant, elementary school, residential home, village home, village.

Backgrounds Interior

City temple, monks chanting, café, city apartment, corridor, high school, hospital, textile mill, industrial, markets, post office, restaurant, elementary school, shopping mall, supermarket, village temple.

Human and Animals

ANIMALS: cows, water buffalo, dogs, crickets, chickens, baby chicks, geese, njit njot.

CROWDS: children 6–12 years old, teenagers, 4–5 year olds, female teenagers screaming, Muay Thai (Martial Arts).

HUMAN: child breathing during sleep, woman giggling, Asian taxi radio, P.A. in Asian village, train station P.A., rat catcher, footsteps on wood floor, on wood stairs.


Iron buffalo two wheeled tractor, tuk-tuk, samlor (tricycle).

TRAINS: on board breaking, through bridge/tunnel, diesel pass by, on board rail clicks, interior trains, sky train ride.


ALARMS: elevator bells, supermarket ding-dong.

BACKGROUNDS: bus station, sky train station, city traffic, train station, village, manual looms.

DOORS: wooden temple doors - interior and exterior.

‘Stand-alone’ Sound Effects and Projects

But if you just need ‘stand-alone’ effects and projects, Pluk will gladly bring Asia to you.

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