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Sound → Effect

Make your audience laugh? Cry? Shiver? A picture can’t do that without sound. From the biggest studio motion picture to the smallest production of a young filmmaker: the right sound amplifies your project’s message. With Pluk’s balanced sound design, editing and mixing, your stories really come to life. And you captivate your audience – right through to The End.

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Something for the Ears

Certain pictures ask for a subtle, atmospheric, mood-setting sound. Others scream for the full load. Pluk evokes the right atmosphere with the right sound effects. And in our well-organized archive of more than 250,000 sounds, we’re sure to have exactly the one fragment that you need ... Unique sounds from America, Europe or Asia? Our team of sound magicians is ready to help you – around the world. So also at the place where your creative juices are flowing.

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