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Glossary of Terms

This glossary covers sound terms and acronyms including abbreviations used in Pluk's sound library. Note that when you see a word in italic within a definition, this means that it will be defined elsewhere in the glossary.

sound meaning

ADR: Automated Dialog Replacement; the process of re-recording dialog in sync with the picture

background: an all-encompassing sound effect of ambience that sets a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing


cu.: continuous

doppler: the shift in frequency caused by the source or the receiver of sound moving in relation to each other. Like the pitch drop of a car horn as it passes an observer.

ext.: exterior

Foley: the process of creating sound effects by watching the picture and recording sound directly to the action of the picture. The most well-known Foley effect is footsteps.

futz: a sound as if it is coming over the telephone or radio

impulse response: acoustic sample used for realistic acoustic reproduction

int.: interior

IRimpulse response

LFE: Low-Frequency Effects; the LFE channel carries the powerful low bass frequencies that are felt more than heard

library: an organized and catalogued collection of sound effects

occ.: occasional

pov.: point of view

pp.: public place; airport, beach, casino, school hallway, etc.

re-recording: the process of mixing all edited dialog, music, and sound effects to picture

room tone: the bed of sound that is present in a room when nothing identifiable or prominent is happening in the room

sound design: 1) the process of creating the overall sonic character of a production. 2) the process of fabricating 'special' sound effects

stinger: a sudden and jarring sound effect or big percussive hit. Usually a "stinger" is a musical term, as in a horror movie when we cut to a shot of Dow right after the director tells him that they will be finishing the show he's been working on in Canada. "Accent" would be another word that might be used.

sweetener: additional sound effect to enhance an existing recording or sound effect in order to make it more valuable or attractive

sync: the degree to which sound and picture are lined up, in-sync being lined up exactly, and out-of-sync not so exactly

walla: the unintelligible sound of a few people or a crowd talking

wild: a recording with no visible sync

worldizing: re-recording pre-recorded material in a real acoustic place to make it sound more real

wp.: work place; farm, hospital, office, prison, school room, etc.

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