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Your Message Needs an Audience

Have you got a new product? A new job opening? Or just: news? Make sure it reaches your target audience! Take the fastest and simplest route: the Internet. Create content that people are actively looking for and want to share with others. Pluk presents your news in such a unique, interesting or even controversial way, that your message will be one that stays in people’s minds.

Striking Picture

Your Message Will Be Infectious

News is like a virus: it spreads like the common cold – unless people are already immune to it. If they’ve seen your message or concept before, they’re more likely to have built up resistance. Our message to you is: you need to launch a new news virus.

Pluk uses striking – dare we say contagious – concepts to spice up your message. We take into account the culture and values of your brand, company, product, ... But give them a creative twist.

Your Message Is In Good Hands

Would you like to add a viral component to your message? Beautifully edit your images? Freshen up your company presentation? Pluk has a keen eye for what makes people tick, what surprises them, and what convinces them. And carries out your project, whether you need a polished, high-end look, or a raw, user-generated approach.

Need to announce, promote and monitor your message? It’s essential for knowledge transfer. So let Pluk take care of it, while you focus exclusively on your core business.

Pluk | Your opportunities | Video | Examples | Contact

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